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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q1: When should I arrange a visit from DDB to carry out a site survey?


A1: Ideally a site survey should be carried out between the exchange on the property and completing the purchase. If you have a comprehensive, professional report outlining all defects within the property the builder is more likely to rectify the defects quickly allowing the purchase to go through ASAP.

If you have already moved into your property, this is not a problem. A full defects analysis can still be carried out and the report used when liaising with the builder. Most developers register new build properties with the NHBC or similar. The builder has a legal requirement to put right any defects that fall within the NHBC standards...normally within the first two years of completion.


Q2: How long can we expect the defects analysis to take?


A2:  Each site survey can vary depending on the size of your property. We would like to reassure you that our inspections are very detailed and work towards ensuring your property meets the standards set out by the NHBC.


Q3: What is considered to be a defect? 


A3:  A defect can range from a dented radiator to faulty electrics and or plumbing. If there is anything that you are not happy with…the quality of the decorating or maybe a door handle is lose. No matter what, give us a call – we will offer free advice initially to determine if a site visit is necessary.


Q4: Some people have said I will be wasting my money having a defects analysis report carried out …I am confused! 

A4:  We understand that you may be hearing conflicting information and want to reassure you that in no way will you be wasting your money. If your builder/developer has nothing to worry about they should in fact be encouraging you to go ahead, it is nothing to do with them what you spend your money on. You have or are just about to make the biggest purchase of your life, can you really afford not to have this peace of mind? Between October 2013 and March 2014 the NHBC upheld 39% of complaints they received…that means almost 50% of new homes built had some building problems!! Do you want to be another statistic?


Q5: Can I claim the money back from the developers? 


A5:  Unfortunately not…that said, if you have not completed yet it will give you leverage with the builder to get everything corrected before you sign on the dotted line! In addition, think of it as an investment rather than a cost…an investment to be reassured your property will be the house of your dreams, not nightmares!


Q6: Will you come back to check the builder has done everything correctly? 


A6:  Yes…you can pay an additional £50 and the point to booking to secure a post survey inspection. We will happily come back to carry out a second survey paying particular attention to the defects highlightedf in the origional report to ensure the builder has corrected them to a high standard.


Q7: What if something else goes wrong during the next two years, can I call you back out?


A7:  We are happy to visit your property until all new defects are corrected. As a valued customer, a special rate will be agreed! 


Q8: A few of my new neighbours have also mentioned building problems, will you visit them too?


A8:  Of fact, where we receive group bookings we offer an additional discount. The more referals we receive the bigger the discount!















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