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A professional Defects Survey


DDB Consultancy Solutions, a family run business established in 2014 following a career within the construction industry that spanned over four decades.


In 2012 a family member purchased their first new home . Due to my experience in the industry they asked me to come and help them prepare their final snagging list for the developer. I was shocked at what I discovered and fortunately prevented a long battle with the builders and developers once they had moved in. I found sub-standard works throughout the two bedroom property including a serious defect in the roof.


Being on the other side of the fence really opened my eyes to the problems people experienced once they had moved in to their new 'dream' homes! Later in 2012 a similar problem was experienced by another family member who got into a two year battle with the builder and the NHBC. 


It got me thinking, how my knowedge and experience could help prevent months, in some cases years of arguments and debates for people as to where the fault lies when a defect becomes apparent in your new home. 

We are members of the Institute of Clerk of Works and construction inspectorate (ICWCI) and have over 38 years experience within the construction industry  offering you a bespoke 'defects analysis' service. A full report of our findings will be provided within 48 hours of our site visit. This can then be passed to your developer to give them the opportunity to address the defects and 'put them right'.

The inspection can take place at any time within the first two years of your moving in date, defects should be reported to the developer within the first 24 months - In some cases, building defects can be reported after a two year period but conditions apply.

Throughout the process, we will provide free support and advice - we can liaise with your developer for you once we have the report making sure the defects and sub-standard works are carried out in a professional and timely manor, causing minimum distruption to you and your family.

Contact us today by completing our online contact form and we will get back to you at a suitable time suggested by you.


Alternatively, give us a call and we will be happy to offer free advice and help you decide if a site visit is necessary.

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